We offer support within the full spectrum of education, ranging from early childhood development to informal adult education, including approaches and interventions within the following areas:


  • pre-school schemes provision of care, child development and learning
  • formal education and implementation of quality standards in schools such as child friendly and learner centered approaches, standards for non-abusive practices and compliance with children's rights. Quality standards also encompass inclusiveness in education, i.e. allowing equal access for girls, out-of-school children and disabled children
  • schools realizing effective management and good governance
  • schools innovating on environmental schemes and income generation
  • back on track programmes for education in emergency and conflict settings, including remedial education and accelerated learning programmes
  • youth education, i.e. life skills and vocational training packages
  • adult education, basically literacy involving also skills training, awareness raising and income generating components
  • civic education, mobilizing for democratic participation and building citizenship


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela


Contact information e-mail: phone: +45 27 11 80 05 +45 23 92 13 40



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