Enterprise development and employment

Next Generation Advice provides support to establishing enterprises for the benefit of women, youth and vulnerable groups including disabled people, creating employment opportunities based on state-of-the-art approaches. The team possesses experience on a wide range of approaches that include vocational training and skills development, business development, facilitation ofaccess to micro finance based on tailor-made solutions fitting the particular context. Our point of departure builds on a dyad involving empowerment of women, youth and vulnerable groups as the critical driver for change combined with simultaneously strengthening local institutions and authorities. In summary, we believe that successful self-employment combinesbusiness skills with community development and youth empowerment as to ensure businesses fits in with socio-cultural particularities.


Also, we believe that contextual factors play an increasingly critical role. Future approaches to employment creation must integrate aspects of environmental and social sustainability together with the capacity to create economic income. We are therefore committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact and promisingly, technological innovations and the increasing emphasis on sustainability in the business sector provide interesting opportunities for new types of cooperation and networks for civil society organisations.


We provide the following services:

  • Project preparation and stakeholder analysis, including the mapping of local institutions and the establishment of networks outside the community.
  • Appraisal of projects on youth employment, including relevant partner institutions such as skill providers, business associations and local employers.
  • Design of relevant vocational training and skills development for women, youth and vulnerable groups.
  • Support to business start-up and management training for small and micro enterprises
  • Methods to ensure women, youth and vulnerable groups ownership and empowerment in the establishment of micro and small enterprises.
  • Methods to develop social and competence based pre- and post-support schemes for youth including alumni organization and the establishment of tripartite like systems.
  • Adaptation to relevant employment creation models driven by both markets and institutions.
  • Referral to relevant national and international networks for further support during project implementation emphasizing on the roles of both institutions and markets for creating change.
  • Social business approaches


Contact information e-mail: info@ngadvice.org phone: +45 27 11 80 05 +45 23 92 13 40



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